Friday, April 30, 2010


We ventured out to the course at Badlands to ride along in the cart with Travis. Bennett was so excited to see Travis pull up to the car with the golf cart. It was a whole different story once we started to drive. He was a bit nervous and was holding onto me for dear life. Once the initial fear subsided, he loved everything about golf. The cart, the balls, the clubs, the open area, the grass and the holes. By the end of the experience, the holes were almost as great as the balls. We all know how much Bennett loves any ball, so that means the holes ranked pretty high up! The rain and storms were approaching quickly so we cut the round short and headed back to the car just in time. The entire ride back to the car, Bennett was screaming - MORE HOLES!! We can't wait to take him out again... just another sport on the long list of things he loves!

Heading up to the green to help daddy with his putt!

Walking back from and 2, I mean 1 putt. Travis putted the ball, which missed the cup by a couple of inches. Bennett proceeded to pick it up and drop it in the hole. Now that is how I want to play golf!

We are still working with him on his form!?!?!?

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