Friday, April 30, 2010


We ventured out to the course at Badlands to ride along in the cart with Travis. Bennett was so excited to see Travis pull up to the car with the golf cart. It was a whole different story once we started to drive. He was a bit nervous and was holding onto me for dear life. Once the initial fear subsided, he loved everything about golf. The cart, the balls, the clubs, the open area, the grass and the holes. By the end of the experience, the holes were almost as great as the balls. We all know how much Bennett loves any ball, so that means the holes ranked pretty high up! The rain and storms were approaching quickly so we cut the round short and headed back to the car just in time. The entire ride back to the car, Bennett was screaming - MORE HOLES!! We can't wait to take him out again... just another sport on the long list of things he loves!

Heading up to the green to help daddy with his putt!

Walking back from and 2, I mean 1 putt. Travis putted the ball, which missed the cup by a couple of inches. Bennett proceeded to pick it up and drop it in the hole. Now that is how I want to play golf!

We are still working with him on his form!?!?!?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Parents of the Year

Where is it that you take your toddler for lunch when you are up for parents of the year award...

I am sure that was your first guess!
Bennett did not seem phased by our lunch and loved his food :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jenga is the game of choice in our house at the moment. We have a Jenga drawer in the coffee table. Bennett begs to have someone play Jenga with him! His idea is a bit different then the TRUE Jenga that we know of. We started out playing with him Jenga as the big block and pulling one block out at a time. He really liked it and it was a great way to teach him how to be soft and gentle in his actions. We quickly discovered that what he really liked was when the whole Jenga came crashing to the ground. He would squeal with delight! So, the game, in our house has new rules.
Getting ready to start Jenga.
Watching Papa build the first Jenga.
Bennett starting his tower.
So proud!
Going for the 6th block... a record for Bennett.
Got it!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Bennett loves anything to do with balls. Basketball tends to be his favorite until tonight! We went to watch the first softball game of the season. Bennett watched in wonder of the guys, the bats, the balls. He cheered as the guys would hit and run. Every so often you would hear "Go,Go,Go" for the other team. Still cute even though we need to keep working with him on the concept! After the game he went out through the line with Papa. He loved it... then they ran the bases. It does not get any cooler then that!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Bennett is almost two and we are trying to move him into more BIG boy things... cups, straws, new foods, walking vs. the stroller, sharing, potty training - everything that goes along with a big boy. So, he loves having his water in a cup. I think that the pictures tell the story of how the drinking went.

Notice his shirt~
B ~ the cup does NOT go on your foot!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


This Sunday was the March for Babies! Travis and I headed over bright and early on Sunday morning with a carload of drinks, cookies, costumes, etc. We then continued on to pick up coffee and bagels for the volunteers. As we arrived to Lake Phalen, the rain started! So, we unloaded, started the set up, placed the signs, hung the banners, all in the RAIN! The march went off without any majors issues (at least nothing that could not be fixed!) We came home in the afternoon and had brought a balloon for Bennett. He was in love with it. He walked around carrying the string and talking all about his balloon, until this happened!

He kept asking me to reach for it. Travis was on his way home from golf so luckily when he got home, he was able to rescue it and the day was saved!

The Children's NICU team raised over $35,000 for the MOD and I was a top walker for the event. I raised $1,005 towards the teams goal! Such a great day to celebrate all that the MOD does. Just another thing to put into perspective how lucky we are to have a healthy baby!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prepare for Take Off!

Today was a rainy day, not what you want for a Saturday, but we decided to head to the Mall of America to make the most of the day. We had a few errands to run before the March for Babies tomorrow morning and then we spent the afternoon at the mall. After riding the train and cars and walking around for a couple of hours, we headed over to Post Road to watch the planes land and take off. As I have mentioned before, Bennett is in LOVE with planes. He can't get enough. I have some cute video footage from watching today, but I will post that later. Just a couple from the airport.
Watching the 747 get ready to take off...

There it goes...

We are ready for the MFB tomoorrow. We can not fit one.more.thing in the car!

Now, hopefully the weather cooperates tomorrow :)

Friday, April 23, 2010


Wondering about the title of this post? Well, each of us are blessed with 86,400 seconds in every day! Tonight, Travis and I attended the Bauman end of busy season party. All of the CPA firms have a big party after April 15th to celebration the closing of tax season and all of the hard work that has gone into the past four months. Tonight, Bauman brought in a motivational (comedian) speaker. Her name was Lisa and she came up from LaCrosse. Now, I have heard dozens of professional speakers... some of them high budget (15K per appearance) so I was not expecting much tonight from Lisa. I always remember speakers by one or two take away pieces that they leave me with... Lisa left me with 86,400. I had never thought of a day in terms of seconds. She asked each of us in the room how we fill our 86,400 seconds? What do we spend the time on - she asked us to put down one example into three columns. What would be great to do, what we are proud of and what is the mundane. I really thought a lot about how my days are filled and started to put it into perspective. I am very lucky!

I get up in the morning and enjoy some quality time with Bennett. Take him to Heather's, a home that I know is the perfect fit for him. I head off to a job that I LOVE! Upon coming home, my mom has picked up Bennett from daycare and he and I wait for Travis to come home. We then spend our night together doing something fun or entertaining... even if it is mundane, we are doing it together. Travis and I are more in love then the day we were married, our families live close to us and give us more support then we could ever ask for. I am allowed enough free time to give back to some charities and organizations that are close to my heart. I am allowed the opportunity to spend some time with wonderful friends. Throw on top that we have a beautiful house filled with wonderful things, a dog that while crazy at times, is really just a lover! We live in a beautiful part of a country that gives us our freedom and wonderful opportunities. Life is good - each second of my 86,400 is filled with wonderful blessings and all of the things that I want to be doing! I am grateful for each second of each day :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Bennett was not a good sleeper for the first year of his life. I mean, seriously a bad sleeper. He woke up every couple of hours for the first 12 months. We tried everything to get him to sleep. He slept with us, in the bassinet, in the crib, in the swing, in the bouncer, you name it... we tried it. It was a long year, but now as I think back to it the time went by really fast. Though, I was tired for a full 12 months. Then it was like he turned a corner when he was one year old. All of a sudden he was sleeping 12 hours a night. Going down around 10 and waking up at 10 or later. Lovely! Going along with his great sleeping habits is his going to bed routine. He goes to bed so easily. I know that you can't really capture it on film, because any time I take out the camera he stops what he is doing and immediately focuses on having his picture taken. But this is pretty much how it goes!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This morning something happened that was too funny not to share. Every day I ask Bennett what he would like to wear for the day. I show him the clothes, talk to him about the colors and styles... he never really responds. Well, today he did in a big way! I held up a pair of khaki pants and asked if he wanted to wear them. He shook his head violently - NO and was saying no, no, no. Did the same thing for the shirt that I showed him. I then asked him what he was planning on wearing if he did not like any of the clothes that I had showed him. He said "Hat." He wanted to go to Heather's with only a hat... to FUNNY! This was me on camera trying to get
him to recreate the scene!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Shelley Maria turned eleven years old yesterday! Shelley is my goddaughter and is the first born of Troy and Marita. I remember so clearly getting the call on the day she was born, my travels to meet her after her birth, how tiny she was, how many presents I had for her... all of the excitement that goes along with a new baby. Of course, she was special being the first cousin, grandchild, great niece and beyond all of that she was the namesake to Shelley Ann, who passed away in November 1996. What a way for Troy and Marita to honor Shelley. I know that Shelley would be so proud of her niece & the young lady that she has become.
And now, here we are 11 years later. She is more like a teenager then a baby! The years seem to pass more quickly as each year goes by. Travis and I were just talking about the first time that he met Shelley... Memorial day 6 years ago! She was a little girl, with a big attitude! She was not crazy about him and in turn her sisters were not either! Of course, they now love each other. Then when Bennett came along it was so much fun to watch Shelley hold and care for Bennett. She (along with Allison and Isabella) played the mothering role to him. We are so excited to see all of the Larson's and Villalobos in just a few short weeks. I do believe that this is the longest separation that I have ever had from them... and we can't wait to get to Atlanta. I hope that Atlanta is ready for Bennett!
Happy 11th Birthday, my sweet Shelley! We love you :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Go, Go, Go!!!

Bennett is off to the races with his bag of chips!
On to the hurdles - minus the chips.
Go, Go, Go!!
Here I go Papa!
Let's try a little gymnastics!

Nana giving Bennett his choice of snacks.
I bet you can't guess which one he picked (look at his mouth)!
Tonight was the third year that I have volunteered to help with the concessions at the HMS Track Invite. The first year I was 9 months pregnant and could hardly walk. Last year, Bennett was a year old and stayed home with Travis. This year, Bennett had on his Hudson shirt and came up to the track. He had a FUN time! He went from one event to another with Nana and Papa. He ate until he could eat no more - chips, cheetos, candy, water, gatorade, hot dog, the fact that he was not sick tonight is amazing. He, of course, thought it was the greatest night! On the infield of the track is where Bennett spent a good portion of the night. As he watched the kids run he would yell "GO, GO, GO" in the cutest little voice! How can you not love him?!?! Pictures will follow. Travis and I were to crazy selling candy, gatorade and hot dogs to take any so I have to get them from Papa.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Another beautiful day in Hudson, WI! We had a busy day of doing nothing. This morning Bennett and I got up, Travis was golfing, so we decided to have lunch in Woodbury and do some shopping. We were gone for a couple of hours, Bennett took an hour nap on the way home and arrived just in time for Travis to be done with golf. We headed up to the big park where Travis played basketball with Nick. Bennett loved watching, though he was more interested in playing then watching! Then we came back home and all of the neighbors were on Tim and Sheri's lot having a baseball game. Travis and Bennett joined in on the fun...

After a great game of baseball, we went to the grocery store to pick up some things to grill tonight. As we were driving home, Bennett started to yell in the back of the car. This is what we saw. Travis turned around to we could go back and take some pictures. How often do you see the Weinermobile in your city?!?!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Confused? So was I when I looked on the porch and saw this?!?!

Oliver has done many things in the past three years that have lead us to believe that he is confused about his species! Is he a dog, a cat, a bird, a human. We know that he thinks that he cane take on any size dog or cat. He wants to be best friends with every human that he comes in contact with and Bennett is his BEST friend. He follows him around (just like a puppy dog should). So you can see from the picture that now Oliver is confused once again. Is he a dog or a human? All Travis said was that he has now lost his chair... one for me, one for Bennett and one for Oliver - guess we need to get another rocking chair. Do they make them for dogs?

Friday, April 16, 2010

It finally happened!

Travis has an obsession, just like Bennett. He has been collecting golf balls for the past year. When I say collect, I mean, he goes to the golf course to look for balls rather then golf. Needless to say, he has quite the collection of balls. When he gets home, he cleans them, sorts them and stores them in buckets in the garage. Ever since he started collecting the balls, Nana has wanted to dump all of the buckets out for Bennett to play with (he loves the balls)! Tonight, Travis brought in the finest of his balls - ProV1's & such for Bennett to play with. Bennett squelled with delight when the balls were dumped out. He then started picking them up and putting them back into the bucket. That lasted for a minute, followed by dumping them out again. He could have played this game all night long!