Sunday, April 25, 2010


This Sunday was the March for Babies! Travis and I headed over bright and early on Sunday morning with a carload of drinks, cookies, costumes, etc. We then continued on to pick up coffee and bagels for the volunteers. As we arrived to Lake Phalen, the rain started! So, we unloaded, started the set up, placed the signs, hung the banners, all in the RAIN! The march went off without any majors issues (at least nothing that could not be fixed!) We came home in the afternoon and had brought a balloon for Bennett. He was in love with it. He walked around carrying the string and talking all about his balloon, until this happened!

He kept asking me to reach for it. Travis was on his way home from golf so luckily when he got home, he was able to rescue it and the day was saved!

The Children's NICU team raised over $35,000 for the MOD and I was a top walker for the event. I raised $1,005 towards the teams goal! Such a great day to celebrate all that the MOD does. Just another thing to put into perspective how lucky we are to have a healthy baby!

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