Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being Proactive

In anticipation of the e-mail that I receive from my mom when I have not updated the site for a while asking for a blog update, I wanted to be proactive. I guess that life getting in the way of updating the blog is a good thing, right! Things have been so busy... we are soaking life in everyday and loving every minute of it. Actually, it is kind of that time in life that things are just cruising along so smoothly, you wonder what the next bump is going to bring.

Last week we had to say goodbye to Bret, Travis' brother. He left for a year deployment to Kuwait. It was a wonderful ceremony along with a fun filled dinner and an emotional good bye. More on that in another post.

This was a long weekend (made even longer with Bret's deployment ceremony) so we were soaking in 5 days of family time. Troy and the girls arrived on Friday night and the whirlwind began. It has been so fun watching Bennett interact with Allison and Isabella. He just loves them and thinks that they hung the moon! So happy that they have the next couple of weeks to be together and enjoy each other!

Another fun moment this weekend was Bennett and I having an impromptu picnic at the park on Monday. We went to the Y in the morning and ran some errands. Then when we came home and were going to have lunch. We packed up and headed to the park behind our house. We had a picnic, played at the park and ended our lunch when the rain starting coming down!

So until I have a bit more time...
One of the many flags flying on Friday morning as Bret boarded the bus to Fort McCoy!
My little man and his uncle!

Monday, May 23, 2011

0, 1, 2, 3!!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

And the party goes on...

So, today was not quite what I had envisioned! But, the party must go on. In January, the plan was set. Bennett's third birthday party was going to be at a farm in Hugo. I signed up and reserved the farm for the 2 hour party - petting zoo, pony rides and a hay wagon ride. Then we would have time at the picnic area to eat the lunches that Nana made.
Well, that was NOT the party that happened. I am too tired to blog about the whole day, but have some great pictures to remember the day by. And after going through the day and looking back tonight two thoughts for the evening...

1. Travis and I are blessed to have so many great friends in our lives. To have a girlfriend say at the drop of a hat - bring the party back to our house as we are at the farm scrambling and wondering what to do. Grace calls Jeremy, he gets the house ready and we are back to the Robbins in one hour with the whole gang.
2. All of these little things in life really don't matter. Today was about celebrating Bennett's third birthday. Three years of enjoying every minute with our little guy. Celebrating the day surrounded by all of our friends. Those are the things that matter. Not the fact that we were standing in a barn, in the rain, surrounded by tornado warnings, with no where to eat, no where to set the presents, or put our the adorable cake. All of those things are just the minor details!

And I think that between my mom, Grace and myself we put together a pretty great party in 15 minutes!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 years

How can it be that three years has passed since this picture. 3 years ago tonight, Travis and I were sitting in the hospital room, wondering what tomorrow would bring. Playing games, talking on the phone and eventually, I took a sleeping pill to try and get some rest since we knew tomorrow was going to be a long day! And tonight, we go to bed with our little man. The fishing, goalie boy, baseball fanatic, soccer playing, airplane flying, horse riding, swimming, fun loving toddler! We already have a lifetime of memories in the three short years since he has made us a family. Can't wait to see what this year will hold. For tomorrow, we know it will include a birthday party filled with friends, ponies, hay wagons and a petting zoo! Oh, what fun!

Walking into Woodwinds after dinner on 5.21.08

Friday, May 13, 2011

Due Date!

Even though tonight will be filled with craziness surrounding the Rotaract beer tasting, I will stop for a moment and remember how we were feeling three years ago. Bennett was due on the 13th - we all know that he had a mind of his own about when he was going to arrive. But, I remember the feeling of being so far overdue and wondering if he was ever going to arrive. Now here it is three years later and it feels like the blink of an eye. We go from a newborn crying in the hospital to a three year old - independent and stubborn! My oh my, how time changes things!

But, I sure do love the sleep that I get now vs. three years ago!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If weddings were a performance, Bennett nailed it! We had practiced the night before, but this time was for real. The people, the flowers, the tuxedo, the photographers, the organ. It was a bit overwhelming so I held my breath, but he pulled through with flying colors. When the time came, I sat in my pew at the front of the church. Bennett and Brooklyn were the last two to walk down the aisle before Val and her dad. Travis had already come down the aisle so he stood back there alone, got the cue from the wedding coordinator and started the walk with Brooklyn. And it was PERFECT - in every way.
All ready for the wedding!
Not wanting to cooperate for pictures!
Could they be any cuter?
I just hope that when he gets older he will remember what a great day this was.

Bennett and his uncle Bret!
Dancing the night away!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally, Fish!

After spending three days at the State Park, Bennett and Travis finally caught some fish! We had some great times at the park, but for some reason the fish were not biting. This was the first day as the boys were perched on one of the new fishing decks that they built over the winter.
When that was not working, Travis took Bennett down to the dam and tried to catch fish there. Again, no luck!
Then after a tip from another fisherman we moved from this spot...
To this one. Travis could not believe that they were fishing this way, but the fish were biting and Bennett was loving it!
Using the worms!
Bennett waiting for the next fish on the line.
A little guy!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


While we were away we stayed at the Metropolis in Eau Claire. They have a waterpark and arcade on site. Bennett always loves the waterpark. He climbed up these stairs and went down the slide no less then 50 times and would not have stopped if the park did not close.
It was fun to see the pride as he went across the monkey ropes while walking on the tubes. All the time playing at the farm is helping him to learn and gain confidence in the things that he can do!

Friday, May 6, 2011


We snuck away for a quick time in Eau Claire. While we were away, we did a brewery tour at the Leinie's brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI. This was Bennett's third brewery tour. Twice at Coor's in Golden, CO and now Leinie's. He loves the root beer!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Riding the horse

Yesterday was a super busy day at the farm and the grand finale was getting to ride Gertie! Bennett watched and waited patiently as many of his classmates went into the area, got close to Gertie and came back crying not wanting to ride. I was not sure how he was going to do. But when his turn came, in he marched, climbed right up and off they went. So fun to watch things like this!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Spring on the farm with lots of baby animals. Jenny brought out the kittens for the kids to hold today... they are only 2 weeks old! Bennett could have sat for hours holding this little guy.