Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If weddings were a performance, Bennett nailed it! We had practiced the night before, but this time was for real. The people, the flowers, the tuxedo, the photographers, the organ. It was a bit overwhelming so I held my breath, but he pulled through with flying colors. When the time came, I sat in my pew at the front of the church. Bennett and Brooklyn were the last two to walk down the aisle before Val and her dad. Travis had already come down the aisle so he stood back there alone, got the cue from the wedding coordinator and started the walk with Brooklyn. And it was PERFECT - in every way.
All ready for the wedding!
Not wanting to cooperate for pictures!
Could they be any cuter?
I just hope that when he gets older he will remember what a great day this was.

Bennett and his uncle Bret!
Dancing the night away!

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