Thursday, September 5, 2013


Throughout the week several mama friends of mine have sent their own littles on the big yellow bus to kindergarten for the first day. I have talked with some and watched others with pictures from afar. Listening to the stories and experiences, I feel like I have a bit of an advantage in sending Bennett tomorrow. But still, when Bennett woke up this am I knew today was different. It was the end of the life that we have come to know over the past 5 years. 5 years...

How is it that in what seems like a blink of an eye we bring this little guy home from the hospital. A new baby, enjoying the scents, the smirks, noises and taking in every moment as a new mommy and daddy. 

We start the journey of raising him to be a fun loving, caring little guy who then takes off on his first adventures without us. Still in the comforts of a wonderful, loving home with Heather. This becomes a second family - friends still to this day. 

Then the time comes to open his wings a little more and we move on to preschool for a couple of half days a week. A new adventure that Bennett welcomed with open arms. I was a Children's Farm alumni and knew what an awesome time he was going to have at Farm School. He grew, gained independence, taught us a lot about the outdoors and showed us how adventurous and flexible he was. 

After that follows a year of 2 full days of preschool a week. Again in a small, loving, caring environment at Bethel Highlands Preschool. What a great start to traditional schooling - where all the teachers and students know your name and a little about you. He is preparing to leave the nest and the comforts of the known. But really we know that the preparation is more for us then him. He is ready! 
Walking in to greet Miss Cindy on the first day of class. Never even looked back to mommy or daddy! This boy is ready for his new adventures. 

And now here we sit on the eve of his first day of kindergarten. How can it be our baby is off to school? It is a big world out there and I know that Bennett has so much to offer. I know the he has all the tools and skills he needs to be successful - tomorrow he will spread his wings on his own and fly!