Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's up?

Not much really. Work, Work, WORK!! Yes, it is currently busy season. Each year seems like it is busier than the previous for Travis. This year is no exception. He has been traveling for the past 4 weeks. Will spend 2 weeks in the office and then gone for another week. We are counting down the days to April 15th, but have a ways to go. As always we get through the months with help from my parents and always say that it is better to have Travis' overly busy compared with the alternative.

As though we did not have enough on our plate, we are now partners with Kevin & Rita in the Orange Leaf in Hudson and Eau Claire. It is a great opportunity for Travis and myself and we are both super excited working together and having a common goal.

Bennett is having a good year in Kindergarten. It is still a bit of a transition with school times and his sleeping. 5 full days of kindergarten is a lot and he is exhausted at the end of the week. He has made friends, has grown as a student by leaps and bounds and of course enjoys the old favorites - phy ed and recess!

Bennett competed in his first official snowboard competition with the USASA this past weekend at Afton. It was a great experience for him. He was in the boardercross and while that is not a discipline that he would normally participate in, he did a great job. He has also started private lessons at Trollhaugen and is looking forward to working with a Terrain park instructor. I can't wait to see what Bennett has in store for the future. I know he is going to do great things.

Sophia is still along for the ride at the moment. Enjoying being at home with Nana and living the good life. We are thrilled to have my mom watching her during the day now that she is in retirement. Though she was very worried about life after school, it has continued on and if I dare say, she is enjoying loving it. I know that soon enough Sophia is going to have her own events that she will be participating in. So I am relishing in the fact that we are only driving one kiddo to practice, games, events, concerts. Bennett will have his turn soon enough to sit and watch Sophia practice and participate.

We are taking it one day at a time and count each day as a blessing with all that we have been given.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

20 in the books

Yes, you read that right. We have 20 months in the books and are creeping in on the 2 year mark. Hard to believe that our little baby girl is now a toddler. She is such a fun loving little doll who has a mind of her own. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. 
She enjoys…
Following Bennett around
Playing with Oliver
Yelling "Mom" at everyone and everything
She dislikes…
Having her pants changed
Sleeping through the night
Her looks…
Fine hair that is starting to fill in
Petite compared to Bennett, but filling out and growing up
Gives you the big toothy smile whenever she is doing something she shouldn't
Her words… 
Oh yes, a few others. Go, Bye, Hi, MOM! Dada, Did I mention MOM?!?
Her fashion… 
Considering most days it is below zero she likes to stay inside and sport her pjs. Nice and comfy!

I feel so blessed to be able to call this little babe my girl!