Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Grade

First grade started off in our townhouse which meant a new bus route and stop with a different routine. Bennett handled all the changes well, and was pumped to get back to school for 1st grate. Look very handsome in his school picture. 
Sophia was excited to get in on the bus stop walk and event attempted to walk to the stop in the afternoon in her barbie heels. She did it, but it was painful to watch!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

D-Team Buck Hill

Bennett's 2nd D-team comp was at Buck Hill. Travis and I had done plenty of prepping for the first one - the age groups are different, it is your first time with D-Team, you did great on the slopestyle and big air. But remember that their are A LOT of kids competing. And then he took first! WOW, I am pretty sure you could have picked Travis and I up off the floor after his name was called. After the results came out, we talked about his score - could the judges have mixed up? Or wrote sloppy and they didn't write the score correctly?!? Anyways, today our minds were convinced as he pulled off a 2nd place victory at Buck Hill. We are pretty proud of our little guy!!
Seeing Nana and Papa at the awards ceremony. 
2nd place feels pretty good!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Bike fun was had this past summer. No only did Bennett ride in his first race in Stillwater, but Sophia got her very own bike to ride around. Pretty cute if you ask me!! 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buck Hill

Some pictures from the competition today. Slopestyle and Big Air - Bennett had three great runs of each and took 2nd place over all. His 3rd run on Big Air he landed a 180!

The Gym

What is better than watching a bunch of two year olds attempt to do gymnastics? When you don't have to be out on the floor to help! Allison had the honors when the girls were here for Tio Don's funeral. Sophia loved it and Isabella and I could not stop laughing as we watched Allison who chased Sophia around for a half hour! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015


4 times a year our Rotaract club serves dinner at Grace Place in New Richmond. This past October, we were on the schedule and I was part of the serving crew. My parents were out of town, Travis was picking up Bennett so Sophia and I were running as a team. She fell asleep on the car ride up to New Richmond. What does a mom of a 2nd baby do in that situation? Take the car seat in, of course! Now, one of the gals who was with and two of the residents, who are all first time parents were looking at me with crazy eyes. You are bringing her in, in the car seat. "Oh you bet I am. And she is going to sleep through the whole meal!" This was her after all the food was prepared and served. Still sleeping away right next to me in the kitchen. After the clean up, I loaded her car seat back up in the car, Sophia still sleeping and she woke up about 5 minutes from home. WINNING!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

3's a crowd!

Not really! The most recent sleepover left Bennett, Sophia and Zander having a great time watching a movie and enjoying popcorn together!