Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being Proactive

In anticipation of the e-mail that I receive from my mom when I have not updated the site for a while asking for a blog update, I wanted to be proactive. I guess that life getting in the way of updating the blog is a good thing, right! Things have been so busy... we are soaking life in everyday and loving every minute of it. Actually, it is kind of that time in life that things are just cruising along so smoothly, you wonder what the next bump is going to bring.

Last week we had to say goodbye to Bret, Travis' brother. He left for a year deployment to Kuwait. It was a wonderful ceremony along with a fun filled dinner and an emotional good bye. More on that in another post.

This was a long weekend (made even longer with Bret's deployment ceremony) so we were soaking in 5 days of family time. Troy and the girls arrived on Friday night and the whirlwind began. It has been so fun watching Bennett interact with Allison and Isabella. He just loves them and thinks that they hung the moon! So happy that they have the next couple of weeks to be together and enjoy each other!

Another fun moment this weekend was Bennett and I having an impromptu picnic at the park on Monday. We went to the Y in the morning and ran some errands. Then when we came home and were going to have lunch. We packed up and headed to the park behind our house. We had a picnic, played at the park and ended our lunch when the rain starting coming down!

So until I have a bit more time...
One of the many flags flying on Friday morning as Bret boarded the bus to Fort McCoy!
My little man and his uncle!

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