Sunday, May 22, 2011

And the party goes on...

So, today was not quite what I had envisioned! But, the party must go on. In January, the plan was set. Bennett's third birthday party was going to be at a farm in Hugo. I signed up and reserved the farm for the 2 hour party - petting zoo, pony rides and a hay wagon ride. Then we would have time at the picnic area to eat the lunches that Nana made.
Well, that was NOT the party that happened. I am too tired to blog about the whole day, but have some great pictures to remember the day by. And after going through the day and looking back tonight two thoughts for the evening...

1. Travis and I are blessed to have so many great friends in our lives. To have a girlfriend say at the drop of a hat - bring the party back to our house as we are at the farm scrambling and wondering what to do. Grace calls Jeremy, he gets the house ready and we are back to the Robbins in one hour with the whole gang.
2. All of these little things in life really don't matter. Today was about celebrating Bennett's third birthday. Three years of enjoying every minute with our little guy. Celebrating the day surrounded by all of our friends. Those are the things that matter. Not the fact that we were standing in a barn, in the rain, surrounded by tornado warnings, with no where to eat, no where to set the presents, or put our the adorable cake. All of those things are just the minor details!

And I think that between my mom, Grace and myself we put together a pretty great party in 15 minutes!

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