Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Shelley Maria turned eleven years old yesterday! Shelley is my goddaughter and is the first born of Troy and Marita. I remember so clearly getting the call on the day she was born, my travels to meet her after her birth, how tiny she was, how many presents I had for her... all of the excitement that goes along with a new baby. Of course, she was special being the first cousin, grandchild, great niece and beyond all of that she was the namesake to Shelley Ann, who passed away in November 1996. What a way for Troy and Marita to honor Shelley. I know that Shelley would be so proud of her niece & the young lady that she has become.
And now, here we are 11 years later. She is more like a teenager then a baby! The years seem to pass more quickly as each year goes by. Travis and I were just talking about the first time that he met Shelley... Memorial day 6 years ago! She was a little girl, with a big attitude! She was not crazy about him and in turn her sisters were not either! Of course, they now love each other. Then when Bennett came along it was so much fun to watch Shelley hold and care for Bennett. She (along with Allison and Isabella) played the mothering role to him. We are so excited to see all of the Larson's and Villalobos in just a few short weeks. I do believe that this is the longest separation that I have ever had from them... and we can't wait to get to Atlanta. I hope that Atlanta is ready for Bennett!
Happy 11th Birthday, my sweet Shelley! We love you :)

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