Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7th

One year ago this week, we took Bennett to Children's Hospital for a cold, cough, high fever, rapid breathing. We did not know what was wrong with him and we were SCARED! I called Ember and asked what signs to be concerned about and she mentioned that he should not be breathing faster then about 60 breaths per minute... was was around 65. We packed up the car and headed over to Children's. Luckily, they were able to get his fever and breathing under control and we were on our way home about 4 hours later. The same night another family was going through exactly what we were, but their daughter was born prematurely... she died on April 7th, 2009. I know that we all appreciate our health, but I don't think that you truly appreciate it, until you don't have it. With Bennett, he was born a full term, healthy baby who grew in the 90th percentile for height and weight and is thriving every day. If you baby is born prematurely, you have risks that go along with having a baby born too early. Those things that affect the first few days and weeks of live are scary. What is sometimes forgotten is that premature babies have other risks that follow them through the early years. Maddie Spohr was 17 months when she passed away. She was growing, playful and looked like your average toddler. Unfortunately, the common cold was enough to make her sick and eventually take her life.

We celebrate each and every day that we have with Bennett. We will be walking with the March of Dimes again this year in honor of Bennett and all of the other healthy babes in our lives and in remembrance of Maddie. The March of Dimes has made great strides in working so that all babies will be born healthy one day. We are thankful for all that they do and we hope that we will never need to use their services, but if we do, we will know that we have done our part to support the cause.

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