Friday, April 9, 2010


B is for big boy! You are getting to be such a big boy doing everything on your own and expressing your independence.
E is for Everything! You are into everything... your mind moves at a hundred miles a minute and you go from bubbles to kites, bikes to golf clubs.
N is for night. Your favorite time. You love night time and having mommy and daddy or nana and papa to play with. You never want to go to bed!
N is for nature. Your favorite place to be - anywhere outside. You stand at the door when we are in the house, point and scream OUTSIDE. You never want to come in, playing outside is the best thing!
E is for eating. You are going through a tough eating spell right now. You used to be such a good eater. Now, not so much. We don't worry about it - you have a lot of excess to go on.
T is for talking. You were a bit slow in picking up your words, but now each day you have new words to share and you never hesitate on working on new words. It is so fun to hear what you have to say.
T is for time. Time has gone by so quickly and in just a few shorts weeks you will be two. Where did my baby go?

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