Thursday, April 22, 2010


Bennett was not a good sleeper for the first year of his life. I mean, seriously a bad sleeper. He woke up every couple of hours for the first 12 months. We tried everything to get him to sleep. He slept with us, in the bassinet, in the crib, in the swing, in the bouncer, you name it... we tried it. It was a long year, but now as I think back to it the time went by really fast. Though, I was tired for a full 12 months. Then it was like he turned a corner when he was one year old. All of a sudden he was sleeping 12 hours a night. Going down around 10 and waking up at 10 or later. Lovely! Going along with his great sleeping habits is his going to bed routine. He goes to bed so easily. I know that you can't really capture it on film, because any time I take out the camera he stops what he is doing and immediately focuses on having his picture taken. But this is pretty much how it goes!

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