Friday, April 23, 2010


Wondering about the title of this post? Well, each of us are blessed with 86,400 seconds in every day! Tonight, Travis and I attended the Bauman end of busy season party. All of the CPA firms have a big party after April 15th to celebration the closing of tax season and all of the hard work that has gone into the past four months. Tonight, Bauman brought in a motivational (comedian) speaker. Her name was Lisa and she came up from LaCrosse. Now, I have heard dozens of professional speakers... some of them high budget (15K per appearance) so I was not expecting much tonight from Lisa. I always remember speakers by one or two take away pieces that they leave me with... Lisa left me with 86,400. I had never thought of a day in terms of seconds. She asked each of us in the room how we fill our 86,400 seconds? What do we spend the time on - she asked us to put down one example into three columns. What would be great to do, what we are proud of and what is the mundane. I really thought a lot about how my days are filled and started to put it into perspective. I am very lucky!

I get up in the morning and enjoy some quality time with Bennett. Take him to Heather's, a home that I know is the perfect fit for him. I head off to a job that I LOVE! Upon coming home, my mom has picked up Bennett from daycare and he and I wait for Travis to come home. We then spend our night together doing something fun or entertaining... even if it is mundane, we are doing it together. Travis and I are more in love then the day we were married, our families live close to us and give us more support then we could ever ask for. I am allowed enough free time to give back to some charities and organizations that are close to my heart. I am allowed the opportunity to spend some time with wonderful friends. Throw on top that we have a beautiful house filled with wonderful things, a dog that while crazy at times, is really just a lover! We live in a beautiful part of a country that gives us our freedom and wonderful opportunities. Life is good - each second of my 86,400 is filled with wonderful blessings and all of the things that I want to be doing! I am grateful for each second of each day :)

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