Sunday, April 11, 2010


Bennett is in LOVE with airplanes. When I say in love, I really mean obsessed! As with most things in Bennett's life, he really likes what he likes. Their is a flight path that goes over our house and every couple of minutes you can spot a plane in the sky. Bennett loves being outside and watching the planes fly over. He never misses one! Now his obsession is carrying over to other locations. Last night at Jason and Karissa, he was watching for all of the planes that fly over and announcing to everyone - PLANE! Today, we were driving to St. Paul and I pointed out some of the smaller planes that were landing at the St. Paul airport. He again kept announcing - PLANE! So as he is watching the planes fly over if he does not see one for a bit, what does he say... MORE?!?!? MORE, MORE, MORE! Really, Bennett. Really! He thinks that we can just order up some more planes to fly over our location for him to watch, so cute!

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