Monday, April 5, 2010

10 things about B...

I thought that it might be fun to post every once and a while 10 things about Bennett. It should be a nice way to recap what he is up to and a great way to bring back memories in the future!

1. Bennett LOVES hats. When I say, LOVES I mean really, really loves hats. He will wear any hat that is around. He will also pretend that ANYTHING that he puts onto his head is a hat. Tonight at dinner he put a wet wipe on top of his head and looked at Travis and I and said hat!
2. Outside is Bennett's favorite place to be. Anytime, day or night he wants to be outside. If you attempt to bring him inside after any amount of time he screams and cries because he does not want to go inside.
3. Shoes - Shoes - Shoes! Bennett has many obsessions right now, but I would say that shoes are probably at the top of the list. He wants to wear his shoes all day and night. In the house and outside. In the car and going to bed. Tonight I broke out a pair of crocs and told him that those are his "inside" shoes. He wore them around the house all night - so proud.
4. In the past week Bennett has learned how to wiggle out of his carseat belt. He has a Britax carseat with a 5 point harness. No matter how tight we have the shoulder straps, he somehow manages to get the straps off of his arms and only has the belt across his waist. We are not sure how to solve this problem. We tighten the straps - they are SUPER tight and he still manages to get out.
5. Walking - Bennett has been walking for some time now, but he is so adimint about walking everywhere that we go. If you pick him up to take him out of the car or walk when he has no shoes on he starts to scream - WALK! If you don't put him down he starts to yell louder and kick you. HARD!
6. Sweetie... Bennett really is a sweetheart. He has a mind of his own and loves to be independent, but he really is a gentle sweet little boy. He loves to sit on the couch or chair and read books, give hugs and kisses and spend time with his mama, dada, nana and papa.
7. Just this weekend we were driving in the car and I yawned loudly. Bennett proceeded to say (without any prompting) Mama tired. Both Travis and I broke out laughing. It was so stinking cute! Now he does it when ever anyone yawns. I ask him if baby is tired... he shakes his head NO!
8. Sleepy boy - We all know that B was not the best of sleepers for the first year of life. Once he hit 11 months old he seemed to turn a corner and became an awesome sleeper. I guess that I am happy to give up one year of sleep for a great sleeper for the rest of his life. Let's hope that it continues.
9. Daycare - Bennett really loves Heather. He loves going to her house in the morning. He is happy to walk in the door, never even looks back or says good bye to me. Even more then Heather, he loves Talen and Taren. On days that the boys are home, all he talks about is Taren (which is his name for both of the boys).
10. Bow Wow & Bennett - BFF! Bennett loves Oliver and I believe that the feeling is mutual! The love to play together and Oliver is so gentle with Bennett. He loves to run around with Bennett and lets Bennett do whatever he wants to do to him.

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