Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Hunt

Can you believe all of the children in the neighborhood! 13 little ones will be in Bennett's kindergarten class!

Easter weekend has begun! Bennett has already been to two egg hunts, with two more tomorrow. Today, I organized the spring fling for our neighborhood. Last year we did the same thing, but this year was an even better turnout. Over 40 children spread through the neighborhood at 1:30. They were each looking for the golden eggs, which meant special prizes at the end of the hunt. Bennett just can not figure out what this whole Easter ritual is all about! He just kept screaming EGG! EGG! everytime he saw one. Then we would help him get the eggs into his basket. He was so excited to sit down and open the eggs. Very cute :)
Then up at the big park we had two pinatas. Bennett loved taking a swing at the pinata. It was so fun to watch all of the little ones take a crack at it. Looking forward to what tomorrow holds!

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