Saturday, May 1, 2010

Being with Bennett

So many great things this week about being with Bennett!

1. Sports - Bennett loves them all. Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Racquetball, Golf, Soccer - he can't get enough of sports!
2. Papa - The obsession with Papa continues. On Wednesday night, I was at home giving Bennett a bath and Travis and my dad were at softball practice. They came home and Bennett was in the bathtub. When he saw Papa he nearly leapt out of the tub into Papa's arms! So cute :)
3. Not so great thing... Bennett got sick on Tuesday morning. When I say sick, I mean threw up ALL over. Still not quite sure what the cause was, but I do know that it was NOT fun to clean up. Poor little guy was not feeling well and I did not know what to do. I stripped him down in the driveway at Heather's, ran to the door to get towels and wrapped him up. Home we went and Travis met us at home. Bennett got a bath and spent lots of quality time with Travis, while I went to work. The whole way home and that afternoon he just kept saying "All Better!"
4. So interesting to see all of the changes in Bennett that happen on a daily basis. We discover a new sense of jealousy last week when Matt, Ember and Elleny were over. I was holding sweet Elleny and Bennett just started to cry and wanted to be held. WHAT?!?! The boy that wants down at all times, wants to be held now. He is so sweet with Elleny, but I guess the jealousy was kicking in. Ember held him while I held Elleny and all was good!
5. The windows in our bonus room overlook the neighbor, Mark's lawn. Mark went out to mow his lawn earlier this week. The entire time he was mowing, Bennett stood on his chair at the window repeating - Hi Mark. Mark Mowing! We are making progress as up until today everyone in the neighborhood was Tim!
6. Tonight Bennett had a lot of fun with Nana and Papa while Travis and I had dinner with Bret and Val. As we all know Bennett is always up later with N & P. Tonight after they left, he was still awake and we were hanging out getting ready to put him down. Before I took him into his room, he walked out of the bonus room and all of a sudden I hear him saying Bow Wow. He sleeps with a stuffed puppy and he wanted that out of his crib. Once I got him out, he then wanted the blankie. Then he stood by the crib saying night night. It does not get any more clear then that! He went to bed and was asleep before I left the room.
7. Only a little over 3 weeks until we head to Atlanta for our visit over the holiday weekend. We are so excited to see how Bennett handles traveling on the plane - he loves watching them, so hopefully riding on one will be just as good!
8. We are hoping to go to Destin when we head to Atlanta, however their is a huge oil spill in the gulf at the moment that may dampen our plans. Keep your fingers crossed that they get it under control.
9. Tonight we had dinner with Bret and Val. They are in planning mode for their upcoming wedding in August of 2011. We are looking forward to celebrating with them in the coming year! So fun to have another wedding in the family. I can't wait to see Bennett get dressed up :)
10. Not really about Bennett, but need to include it! Travis was subpoena yesterday to appear in court on Monday morning for a client that he has reveiwed a return for. It is a messy divorce and Travis has been called in to testify as an expert witness. We all know that neither Travis nor I have had any experience like this... he is nervous! I know that he will do great, and it will be an awesome experience for him to have. I will let you know how things turn out!

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