Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He's got skills!

As I mentioned in my last post, Bennett has been learning so many new words. He also had a lot of new skills!

Words that Bennett can say: Hi, Bye, Mama, Daddy, Nana, Papa, grandma, Sam, Bret, Matt, Elleny, Heather, Reece, Cress, Talen, Tim, Mark... just to name a few names. Ball, basketball, cup, spoon, fork, pizza, table, chair, golf, hole, car, truck, stop, go, yes, no, milk, juice, cheese, bow-wow, bark, up, down, phone, purse, hair, brush, comb, wet, bath, bubbles, hot, cold, pee, poop, ear, water, tummy, button, foot, sock, shoe... I could keep going.

Sports - Bennett LOVES sports and is really good at many of the things that he does. Basketball, Baseball, Golfing & hockey are a few of the games of choice.

Baking - Bennett has helped me several times making different treats - muffins are his favorite!

Stacking - He is an expert in stacking. All thanks to Jenga.

Driving - We have allowed Bennett to drive the car in the driveway. He does a great job and is even able to steer (almost in the right direction).

Go get it - Bennett is more then happy to go and get something to fulfill your request. If I ask him to get the phone for me, he walks over, picks it up and hands it to me.

Weeding - Tonight, we were outside and I was pulling the weeds in the mulch. Bennett proceeded to help me out and then grab his shovel, to help shovel the mulch.

Shut door - Bennett insists on shutting the car doors. When we walk away from the car, he always shuts all of the car doors for me.

Vacuum - Bennett loves to help me vacuum. He either vacuums with his vacuum or holds the hose for me to help out.

Garbage - You can hand Bennett something that is garbage and he makes sure to go and take it to the garbage can and throw it away.

Overall, Bennett is learning all of the little things that we do on a daily basis! He is such a good helper!

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