Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drive Happy

The flight to ATL went great and Bennett was a real trooper. He did great on the flight and made both Travis and I proud of his travel ability... he even pulled his own suitcase through the whole airport. Then we hopped in the rental car at 11:00 pm and met Troy, Marita and the girls at a gas station 20 miles down the road. We hugged, talked and got B into his PJ's. We then buckled in for te 5.5 hour car ride to Destin. Bennett and Shelley hung out in the backseat and played some games, talked and were great travelers! They had a lot of fun together and at about 4:30 am we pulled into Ariel Dunes to Troy and Marita's condo! We were all relieved to be at the beach and ready for the fun to start!

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