Friday, May 7, 2010


Well, this post is not going to be about what you think... Boots. It is actually about our adventure ice skating, except Bennett thinks that his skates are boots. I think that I called them boots when we were trying them on in the store and I guess it stuck! So, today Papa and I took Bennett to Beilenberg in Woodbury to go skating. It was perfect, only three other skaters. Bennett loved the ice. Loves his skates. And loved watching Papa skate fast. They skated together a few times around the rink. Then Papa tried to help Bennett skate, though his legs were pretty floopy and he was not quite sure what to do. As the time went on, he kept getting better. It was so cute to watch him, he really was proud of himself. Another great FIRST for Bennett!

Stepping out onto the ice. Not quite sure about this :)
Bennett liked skating around in Papa's arms!

Trying to get his balance.
Look at those little skates - so cute!
Watching Papa skate fast on the ice. You can tell how excited he was.

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