Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Terrible Two's

It seems as though Bennett is hitting his terrible twos a bit early. It might also be that he misses his Nana and Papa as they are away on a cruise and he asks about them probably 50 times a day! Over the past week, Bennett has become so determined to do his own thing when and how he wants to do it. Bennett has always had a very independent spirit, but it has now gone to a new level. Tonight we went to Culver's for dinner. He was screaming for ice cream, I gave him a spoonful and he refused it. Example: he wants something, and then refuses it once we give it to him. It is so hard to deal with that - what can you do! Nothing will make him happy. Then we went to Target after Culver's. We needed to make a quick trip in to pick up three things. I told him that he could walk as long as he held my hand. He was doing a great job and then wanted to wander away from me. I reminded him that if he did not hold my hand, I would be carrying him. He then started crying and stood at my leg for me to pick him up. Once I did, he started screaming - WALK! What in the world! So frustrating for both he and I. We got home, lucky Travis followed shortly after to relive me. Sometimes I think that Bennett just needs a change in caregivers. He was so happy to see his daddy! Hopefully, this means that the terrible two's will be over sooner then later! Keep your fingers crossed!

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