Friday, March 12, 2010


In keeping with my attempt at blogging every day, I was at a loss for what to right about today. And then we went to dinner. We walked into Luigi's in River Falls - one of our favorites. Bennett was walking in holding my hand and the 3 girls that we know so well that work there were just going crazy! "He is walking", "he is soooo big", "he is so cute", "look at those curls" among other comments. As I looked up at them and they were so happy to see Bennett it brought back a flood of memories. We started going to Luigi's right after Travis and I were dating. One of the girls has worked there from the beginning. She saw us through our dating phase and then getting married. Then they found out I was pregnant and asked all kinds of questions, "When was a I due?" "What were we having" all of the things that friends ask. Then my belly got bigger and I was overdue. Back to Luigi's we went. More conversation about the baby and hoping that he would arrive soon. Finally, when Bennett was about 5 days old we made our first trip to Luigi's as a family of three. Of course, they were thrill to see us back with baby. Now they have watched Bennett grow up and tonight was the first time that he had his own meal at Luigi's! I know it seems dumb, but to me it means a lot that we can go somewhere to enjoy good food and great service where they care about us and are happy to see us walk in the door. We have share many of our lives memories with them :)

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