Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 17th

Yesterday was a day that started off as any other Wednesday and took a turn for the worst on my way to work. I dropped Bennett off at Heather's like any other day and decided that I wanted to run to McDonald's and grab something to eat. Normally, I take a different route to work, but going there took me down Crest View Dr. After grabbing my food and eating, I continued on my way to the post office, followed by going to the office. As I was approaching the interesection by Mr. Movies, I noticed a recycling truck that was stopped as he was round the corner turning right. I stopped and slowed down to see what was happening and a car zoomed around the truck/trailer. I continued slowly and noticed a body on the ground. I, of course, went into a panic mode and the adereniline started rushing. I immediately pulled into the West Lake parking lot and picked up my phone and dialed 911. The operater immediately picked up and I told him where I was and that their was a horrible accident with a truck and a bicyclist. The biker was laying on the ground and I was not sure if he was alive. I then got out of the car and ran into the intersection. I was not able to approach the body, but stood near the biker to try and direct traffic around. It was 930 in the morning, so traffic was fairly heavy. I remember telling 911 to hurry and come quickly - it seemed like hours passed until they arrived. During that time, several people pulled over and came to stand by me and asked questions. Several of the men asked if I had checked on the biker - I informed them that I could not. No of them approached the body either. Then one man came up and asked me about the biker and walked over to him and bent down. He then looked at me, shook his head and walked back to his car. During this time the truck driver was on his phone standing near me. I could not hear what he was saying or who is was talking to. I did not want to speak to him! Finally, Officer Hartmann was the first to arrive on the scene and pulled his car into the intersection. He was followed by a few paramedics that parked in the intersection as well and came out of the cars running and immediately started to check on the biker. Emergency vehicle after vehicle arrived - cops, ambulances, EMS... it seemed like they just kept coming. Then people started to clear out - I was not sure what I should do. Would the police want to talk to me or not? Would it be OK to leave? Finally after about 5 minutes one of the officers came up to me and asked for my information. I informed him that I had not seen the accident, but was the 1st to arrive on the scene and called 911. After he collected my information he told me that I was free to leave. As I drove away, I called Travis and just started crying. Such a helpless, scary feeling and range of emotions.
It has been released that the boy was 20 years old - Kevin Smith was his name and he was from Kansas but had moved to Hudson last year. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.
When something like this happens it reminds you to be thankful for each and everyday that we are given and count all of the blessings that we have in our lives. I know that I do!

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