Sunday, March 7, 2010


Bennett is now to the phase of toddlerhood that he is obsessed with many different things. His blanket, bear, juice, shovel and papa are all things that you would expect to be on the list. One that might be surprising is Matt! He can not get enough of our friend Matt. It is all he talks about - at home, in the car, outside, while eating. It does not matter when, Matt is on his mind. Yesterday I was home with Bennett and my dad was over. Bennett said, bye bye Papa, bye bye Mama. I asked him if both mama and papa are leaving who is going to stay with you? MATT!

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  1. Love It--Thanks for Sharing..brings the thousand mile distance away closer. Saw Angelina tonight and she also loves 'bye bye' will be so fun to see Bennett and Angelina together--they will make an adorable couple.