Saturday, March 13, 2010


In the beginning of February, Bennett had a bit of a cold and Travis came home one night and expressed a concern for his breathing. We talked about it for a bit and decided to take Bennett into urgent care. We loaded up the car assuming that we would go in, get a prescription and go home. Upon getting to the clinic, we were checked in and taken back to the doctor. They ordered up some labs, xrays and an RSV test. While waiting for those to come back, they brought in the oximeter and Bennett's level was running around 88-90. 95% or higher is what they want to see. It came back that he had Pneumonia in his right lung and was positive for RSV. Dr. McGinnis came in to tell us that they would like to admit him to the hospital for the night. We then expressed our desire to go to Children's Hospital. He arranged a direct admit for Children's and off we went. We ran home to pack up some bags and drove right to Children's. We got there and the assessed Bennett and brought us back to the ER. Things had improved greatly and the doctor thought that we did not need to spend the night.
Dr. Ortega ordered a nebulizer treatment before we left and sent us home with one. Bennett took lots of work the first time of his treatment, each time he got better and better! Cute picture of him with his "fishy" mask!

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