Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back Seat Driver

As a baby, the car seat always faces backwards. Bennett rode backwards in his bucket, then moved into the Britax and remained backwards until his first birthday. We were very excited to turn him around. We went to Atlanta for his birthday and he rode forward facing in the rental car. We came home and went to his one year check up. Dr. Plotnik then asked us about his car seat. Was he rear or forward facing? We said we had just turned him around. She then told us that the American Academy of Pediatrics was recommending that young children stay rearing facing until 2 years or they reach the weight limit. Last weekend, Bennett was on the scale and is weighing in around 33 lbs. We decided that now was the time to switch him forward facing! He was just perplexed by what was going on when we first put him in the seat to go to church that night. I thought it would be super excited, but that was not the case. He really seemed indifferent about the change. Just another sign that Bennett is growing up to be such a big boy!

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