Thursday, July 1, 2010


I wrote in an earlier post about our service at Grace Place in Somerset, WI. We were back again last night for another dinner. This time Travis was able to join us and do some grilling. We donated a brand new grill, utensils and cover to them. They were so pleased with our dinner and donation. Such a great feeling to be able to do a little for people that are down on their luck. I am such a firm believer in giving back to others. Sometimes, it might be to a fault -- I think that most would agree that I tend to volunteer to help whenever I can! I think that often times I get more from volunteering then I actually give to those who I am involved in helping. Volunteering does many things for me -- a few words come to mind... Grateful, Thankful, Humble, Amazed are just a few.
While we were at Grace Place, one guy stood out in particular. He came home, unloaded the stroller from the car and unpacked a 9 month old baby girl. He came into the kitchen and insisted on helping Travis grill. He was a real "take charge" guy and wanted to help where ever he could, while still watching over his baby girl closely. He and I were able to talk about his "situation" and he told me how he had fallen on hard times and his bills were outweighing the money that he was bringing in within the month. He works as a meat cutter, but was not making enough to support he and his daughter - the mother is no help with the baby. He is so thankful to have the opportunity to stay at Grace Place, get some money saved and get back on his feet to give his baby the start that she deserves. He said that he is grateful for all that he has and how he is so much better off then some of the residents at GP. You talk to someone like that, who is able to stay positive living in the situation that he is in -- we all can learn from him.
I can only hope that Travis and I will be able to instill the importance of volunteering and service to Bennett so that he will be able to help those that are less fortunate. We hope that Bennett will never want for anything, but along with that comes lots of responsibility. Both Travis and I want to lead by example. Hoping that we made the day of some of the residents at GP, like they impacted us. We will be back again in September.

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