Sunday, July 25, 2010


Lumberjack Days is known for bringing in HUGE acts and this year was no exception. Chicago was playing on Saturday night! Both Travis and I like Chicago and have the greatest hits :) After we had dinner with Trav's family we decided to venture down to Stillwater, just to check it out. We did not go prepared: we had no stroller, limit juice and not much for snacks. We drove around just trying to see if we could find a spot to park. The odds were against us since my parents parked a mile away at 4:00 and here we are trying to get a spot downtown at 8:30. But sure enough, we parked 1 block away from all of the action. It was perfect. Then We knew that my parent, Sus, Dame, Bill and other's were on the patio at Water Street Inn. As we are walking towards the patio we met up with Sus. She pointed us to the tables. It was a great night, Bennett enjoyed being the only "kid" and got tons of attention.

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