Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bennett's Business

Bennett is going on 26 months old and things are so fun with him. He really is growing everyday in the skills that he possesses. Watching him learn and discover all sorts of new words, ideas and skills is just great. A couple of our favorite things...

- Counting: In english and spanish. He can count to 20 on his own in english and 10 on his own in spanish.
- Coloring: He LOVES to color and write. We are working on spelling different words and his doodler is a great teaching tool for this.
- Throwing: He has a great arm and is able to throw the ball in the direction that he wants and to catch in his hands and glove.
- Buckle: He is slowly learning to buckle his own car seat. He knows exactly what to do when he sits down, though he still has a bit of a hard time adjusting the straps.
- Words: His vocabulary is expanding exponentially. Everyday he is picking up new words and learning to pronounce them very clearly.
- Observant: We can be driving down the road and I hear him yell "Big Bus" I don't even see the bus for a couple of blocks, but sure enough here comes a bus.
These are just a few of the things that continue to impress me on a daily basis!

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