Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Bennett is in a daddy phase right now! That means that he is obsessed with Daddy and only wants him all of the time. From everything to eating with him, playing with him, watching him play softball and bathing... Daddy is the one!
A perfect example is getting ready for bedtime the past couple of nights. We bath Bennett every night. I think that it is so much easy to just shower with him, versus run the bath, bathe him and then do it for yourself as well. So, I asked Bennett on Saturday night if he would shower with me. In the past he has always hated the shower. (I am also trying to prepare him for the upcoming showers while we are on vacation). Needless to say, he screamed bloody murder during the entire shower. I mean, if you were downstairs listening to him, you would have called child services on me. On the other hand, Travis asked Bennett tonight if he wanted to take a shower. Bennett immediately stripped down and walked into the shower with Travis - not even a peep. Then he has the nerve to tell me when I am getting him dressed - more shower! Really, Bennett!!!

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