Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh the places I've gone!

I have been to all of the states except for two. Bennett is quickly on his way to making all of the states in a short amount of time. Each of the states that he has visited are shown here:
Several of these states he has been to more then once. He has had several flights since he was born
MSP-ATL 7 weeks old
MSP-MIA 3 months old
MSP-ATL 6 months old
MSP-ATL 9 months old
MSP-PHX 10 months old
MSP-ATL 1 year (birthday party)
MSP-DEN (15 months)
MSP-MIA 18 months old
MSP-ATL 2 years old
MSP-DEN 26 months old
WOW - That is a lot of flying. Too bad most of them were on our lap so he did not earn frequent flyer miles. He has also cruised two times.

Bennett has also traveled outside the US...
San Juan, Puerto Rico
St. Maarten (twice)
St. Thomas
Turks & Caicos
He had a passport issued when he was only 11 days old and has had to use it many times. That was quite the experience trying to get a picture of Bennett with his eyes open at 11 days. Finally, we were able to get it. His passport is going for 5 years. He is a WORLD traveler!

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