Friday, July 2, 2010

River Rats

When the Larson's arrived from Atlanta Travis and I had to work on Thursday, so we were anxious to see them in the afternoon. We headed down to the river right away to meet up with them and my parents who had picked up B from Heather's house. The river is kind of an annual tradition when they come to visit. We always spend some time out on the river enjoying the water, having a fire and relaxing. Today was no different. It was also quite the milestone for Shelley. She tried water skiing for the 1st time and was able to get up -- Her very.first.time!!! She was awesome and skied over half of the bay. It was so exciting to watch her. Also fun to see the girls watch Troy ski as well - he really looks great on the water! Just like the old days on Camp Lake. So many fun memories from the lake when Troy, Shelley and I were younger and when Troy and Marita met! Here are a few of the memories that we created tonight!

Shelley is chasing the ducks!
Shelley is UP on the skis!! Way to go :)
Notice the background... Shelley!

Sitting around the campfire that Nana built!

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