Friday, September 3, 2010

Tips & Tricks of the Potty

Not that I want this blog to turn into potty training 101, but I do want to be able to look back years from know and remember what this journey was like. We started with training Bennett last Thursday (8.26). Today is 9.3 and I feel as though we have come a LONG ways in just 8 days. We started on Thursday morning when Bennett woke up. I dressed him in his undies and pants - no diaper, training pants or pull ups. Pretty much all accidents ALL.DAY.LONG! Poor Heather. Came home to more accidents. Friday rolled around and I was home some of the day with B and my mom was here the other part. Again, lots of accidents and only one successful trip to the potty. Same thing continued Saturday and Sunday.

By Monday morning I was so frustrated and feeling like after 4 days we have made ZERO progress. I talked to Heather in the am and she said that she thought we should stick with it. He was showing all of the signs of being ready. The report Monday afternoon 3 accidents and 2 successes. Monday evening was an accident and a success! Tuesday was 2 accidents and 2 successes. Similar in the evening. Then came Wednesday - only one accident! And Thursday, oh Thursday! A totally dry day :) WAHOO!! We are finally getting somewhere. And the same for Friday. So here we sit on Friday nigh looking back on the past 8 days and enjoying all of Bennett's accomplishments.

All of the training is happening by wearing his undies and telling him that "potty goes in the potty." No rewards and only gentle reminders throughout the day. When we tried a couple of weeks ago we were all about the rewards, setting the timer to remind him to go... the whole routine. That did NOT work! This is :) I firmly believe that for Bennett he works well when we just dive in and do it. For all of the major steps in life so far, that is how we handled it. On Thursday night we got rid of all of the pacifiers. Never looked back and he adjusted like a champ. I think that timing and dedication is everything.

So keep your fingers crossed that potty continues to go in the potty - for everyone's sake!

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