Saturday, September 4, 2010


Tonight we had to usher at church. Shepherd of the Valley. The church that Travis & I joined before getting married. We were married there about a year later, Bennett was baptized there as well. It is a great church with an amazing pastor. Pastor Steve just has a way to make a connection with everyone around him. He always has great stories and messages. He makes sure that you get the message, but with out making it feel to "preachy." I had a great upbringing at church - starting at St. John's in the tiny church parish hall with Sunday school... I could count all of the kids on one hand. Then in middle school we switched church's and moved to Trinity Lutheran in Hudson. It was great because so many of my friends were involved and our youth director was Sonja Dixon! Sonja was incredible - she just had this way about her. Not to mention the awesome things that we did. Workcamp, camp Omega, Moonlight Madness, the list goes on and on.

I am so excited for Bennett to have a similar experience at Shepherd. Tonight reading the bulliten it really sunk in as they were posting about Sunday School starting next week for the 3 year olds. Bennett will be enrolling next year. I hope that his experience is even better then mine was. I know that it is already off to a great start!!

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