Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gi' me a break!

Tonight we have another break as Bennett is at grandma Kay's house. While having a free night is always a welcome event with potty training happening it seems as though we want to be calling every 5 minutes to find out how things are going. I swear, potty training could be one of the hardest and most suspense that we have had in our lives. When is he going to go? When will he have an accident? How many accidents at Heathers? The whole process is physically and emotionally tiring.

Just this morning we arrived at Heather's house. I was writing out the check and gathering his things to go into Heather's. He said - I need go potty! That means I ripped him out of the carseat, sprinted (in heels) to Heather's door, rang the doorbell and prayed that he did NOT pee all over me while we waited. She opened the door and I burst in pulled Bennett's pants down and on the potty he went. TO WAIT. AND WAIT. AND WAIT!!!

Like I said, physically and mentally exhausting. I don't think that I have ever run that fast in my life. While we were out to dinner this week with Bret and Kay, Bret asked how long we have once B says that he has to go potty - Oh, about 10 seconds... give or take a second or two! So can you imagine my run now?!?

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