Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swim Lessons

Bennett started in his sea lion class on Monday night at the YMCA. He and I have been working on swimming skills over the past couple of months, but I knew that it was time to get him into lessons, just so that he would be ready to start lessons on his own in the next few months. He already has so many of the skills down and knows what he needs to be working on. He is in class with three other boys - all 2 year olds. He is the only little one that is already potty trained, which makes swimming so much easier! Class started with plenty of songs and games. Then we moved on to bubbles and kicking. Bennett did great with all of the skills. Then came the fun with swimming under water and jumping off the edge. He does great with both and wants to keep doing it, even when we wait to watch the other boys. Overall the first night was a success.

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