Friday, September 10, 2010


On the eve of 9.11 each year I know that many Americans reflect on where they were when the World Trade Center attack happened. It is a day that I will never forget. I was in college at the time and can remember watching all of the events unfold on TV. Actually, waking up to Tom Bernard on the KQ morning show to hear about the events first - saying "This is not a JOKE" as many of the events, stories, etc on the show are pranks. Then turning the TV on to watch the Today show with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. After watching some of the coverage, calling my dad and talking about what was happening. We were both convinced that the towers were going to collapse... and just a few minutes later they did. Such a tragic day in America's history. And also a day that our world changed forever. If you think of all of the things that are different now in response to September 11th - air travel, banking, Homeland security, not to mention the big gap in the sky when you visit New York.

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