Friday, April 26, 2013

Stanley Cup

This is from a while back, but still trying to catch up. Back in August Davis Drewiske was able to bring the Stanley Cup home to Hudson for 24 hours to do what he would like with it. Karen works in our building and so Davis was kind enough to bring it by the office. Karen had some friends coming to the office and said that it would be great to bring Bennett in that day for pictures. 
The public was invited to the Hudson Hockey to view the cup and take pictures, but we knew that was going to be a long line. This was the ultimate experience to be with Davis, the cup and get pictures and autographs. We talked with Bennett for 2 weeks - about the cup, hockey, the meanings and what a big deal this was. He was so excited he could hardly wait. 
He came with me to work and we waited for Davis to arrive. Bennett had his Badger hat for him to autograph and had made a card for him as well.
3:00 rolled around and the time came... Davis was here and the cup was in the building. We went over to Al's office where a bunch of people had gathered. Some were talking, others taking pictures. Karen called Bennett up to see Davis and take a picture. What did he do? Went and hid under a desk - see picture! So, you can imagine my mind when this is happening - here we are at a big moment and my child has run and is hiding from Davis and the Stanley cup. So, Davis being awesome grabs the cup, brings it down on the ground and is trying to talk to Bennett. But still no luck! 

In the end it all worked out and we got a group picture and he got Davis' autograph on his hat. Such a fun and memorable experience! I can't wait to tell him the story when he gets a bit older and understands the significance!!

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