Tuesday, April 9, 2013


How can it be? 11 months ago this morning Dr. Flynn was visiting in the morning wondering what the night had brought. Telling us that when this baby decided to come she knows it is going to happen quickly. Things seem to be taking forever and Travis and I can only sit and stare at each other for so long. Finally when lunch rolls around and we are still seeing little action, I send him to Jimmy John's - because who doesn't crave JJ when they are in labor. Off he goes, comes back a bit later and I devour my sandwich. Not so much as to finish my last bite as the contractions come on with a vengeance and we go from 0 to 60 in a matter of minutes. A few check ups, minutes that seem like they lasted hours, an anesthesiologist that ran out of the room so he did not have to deliver a baby and Dr. Flynn walking in to make small talk with Travis and I who was greeted by the overly nervous nurse who has not let me move off my side for fear that baby would be born before Dr. Flynn arrived. One push later and we welcomed Sophia Ann into this world... and we have been forever changed. How can it be that 11 months have passed us by, yet on the other hand it seems like she has been with us for so long. The growing, learning, exploring - we all just sit, watch and take it in and she teaches us something new everyday. Today on her 11 month birthday eve she was the happiest little baby anyone could ask for. All day long all she did was laugh and smile. 11 months ago our family was completed! 1 month from today we are going to celebrate our baby girl and one year of her wild and precious life. We love you, Sophia Ann! 

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