Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where'd da phish go?

That is what Bennett was wondering on our fishing outing earlier today. Travis came away empty handed... is that anything new?! It was Art by the River at the State Park, so admission was free, their were lots of crafters down by the beach and they were giving free train rides. B and I walked through the art area, watched the U of M raptor center talk about the owl that she had and rode the train. What a great day to decide to go to the park... we had no idea of what was happening there.

Bennett on one of the trails:
Watching daddy fish - wondering where they are:

This is the only action we saw all day (casting):
This is the owl that we saw:
And the train. Of course, Bennett would not pose for a picture on the train, so this is as good as it gets!!

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