Friday, June 4, 2010

Papa, are you playing?!?

Tonight Travis was away with some friends from VK for a golf outing. They golfed in Red Wing and spent the night at the St. James Hotel. That meant that Bennett and I were going to spend some time with Nana & Papa. Papa went golfing with some friends, so the three of us went out to dinner and went to Babies R Us shopping. Bennett got a few new things from Nana and then we came home to play with Papa. Bennett and he played Jenga, basketball, baseball, golf, puzzles, read -- they did it all. Well, actually now that I look back at the pictures, did they?

It starts out with Bennett walking to find a certain toy, Papa is laying on the floor.
Bennett finds the toy!
He then hands it to Papa who is still on the floor.
Papa, are you playing with me?
Come on and play Papa or I am going to get you with this golf club ;>
OK so you golfed enough today, what about baseball?

Oh, Papa wants to play with the "big ball."
Bennett finally gives up and decides to join Papa on the floor in a game with the puzzle.
Unfortunately, puzzles don't work very well upside down so he will just use Papa as a back rest :)

All the while Oliver was laying on my head - the perfect resting spot, why not?

And what was Nana doing you ask, cleaning of course!!!

You better not be taking my picture she says...
Yes, these two balls don't belong here --
They actually belong over here!

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