Thursday, June 3, 2010

What to write?!

So I have been writing on this blog for 90 days now, tonight is the first night that I am struggling with what to write. We haven't pulled out the camera since we came home from GA. Life has been filled with the catch up duties that follow any vacation - work at work, work at home! So, I thought I could just write about what I love about Bennett at 2 years old.

1. He sleeps through the night -- every night!
2. He can follow your directions. Take your shoes off Bennett & he sits down and does it.
3. Recognition... B can recognize pictures, places and things. When we drive past the middle school he says "Nana teach." We pull into the neighborhood he says "baby house." I have a picture of Bennett, Elleny and Ember in the picture frame -- he looks at it and says "Elleny."
4. He loves Heather's house and everything about it. Heather, Cress, Reece, Gracie, Taren, Talen, Sammy & all of his friends. He loves the games they play, the forts they build, running outside in the sprinkler, playing basketball, the food. It is all good :)
5. Bennett has the greatest expressions. He is amazed at helicopters, airplanes, big trucks, motorcycles, dogs, babies and birds. Not a one of this things slip by Bennett without him noticing and calling attention to it.
6. He is now able to communicate most of his wishes to us. If he is thirsty he will tell us if he wants juice, water or milk. If he is tired he will tell us that he wants to go night-night. If he went potty he tells us that he pooped or peed.
7. He loves to give hugs and kisses - to everyone that will take them from him. It is so cute to ask for a hug or kiss and see what you are going to get. Usually they are big and slobbery ;~>
8. He is a good eater and normally never gives a fuss over what he is eating. If he is not hungry he won't eat and I don't worry, because I know that when he is he will let me know. We all know that he has a little extra to go on!
9. Easily excitable... he loves all the little things in life. We bought him a new hockey net and as I pulled it out of the car tonight you would have thought he won the lottery. He was squealing with delight. The same things happens most nights that he sees Papa - so sweet.
10. He loves us. He loves us for everything that we do and just how we are. Sometimes Travis and I will be acting silly with Bennett around and I will comment that if he were older he would be saying what DORKS we are for how we are acting, but for now... he loves it! And we LOVE him!

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