Thursday, June 24, 2010


When Bennett was born, I was throwing around the idea of working 4 days a week. With my mom picking up Bennett I could work a bit longer each day and then be off on Fridays. Since September 2008 Kay has been watching Bennett every other Friday. Then I would stay with Bennett the other Friday's. When my dad's vacation time was restructured with 3M he had a ton of excess to use and has been spending almost every other Friday with Bennett. It is a great time for Kay and my dad to be able to spend time with Bennett and do all of the fun things that they do on these days. I go to work and get lots done and am very appreciative to them. I am however super excited to spend the day with Bennett tomorrow! We are going to sleep in, play, run a few errands, maybe go out to lunch and then we are headed off to the circus tomorrow night. It should be the perfect Friday!! The way a Friday is supposed to be.

We are officially on the countdown until the Larson's arrive. T-6 days until they will be in Minnesota. Tonight, Bennett was walking to bed and was saying Shelley, Ali, Bella - the whole way in to his room. He is so excited, he can hardly wait (neither can we)!!

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