Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tonight went a bit different then expected. We were planning on going to dinner and then down to Pepperfest. We ended up making a trip to the ER after cutting out of dinner in a hurry! As we were leaving Champps, Bennett was running, tripped and fell on the step. Went right down on his head and caught himself on the metal edge of the step. Blood was everywhere, we rushed out of the restaurant and headed right over to the Woodwinds ER. Bennett rode in the back of the car on Trav's lap, while I drove. Once there, we got checked in and they proceeded to put some numbing gel on the cut, so that he would be ready once they called us back. We waiting about 45 minutes and Tia Sue came over to visit Bennett. It was a nice break and she brought some great things to play with. Once in the room, the doctor came in, checked Bennett out and proceeded to get ready for stitches. Sure enough - six of them!!! And here Travis and I were wondering if we should even go into the hospital! YIKES!!! Bennett was a trooper through the whole procedure and only cried when the doctor was cleaning it. Now, we head back in to see Dr. Plotnik in a couple of days to have them removed. Hopefully it will heal nicely and the whole night will just be a memory!

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