Sunday, August 1, 2010

Being a mommy

Being a mommy has brought out several new talents that I never knew I had. Besides all of the expected things that come along with being a mom - multitasking, eating a whole meal in 3 minutes, carrying a baby along with three bags of groceries, a diaper bag and a purse. It has also brought out a different side. I have started making homemade lemonade (thanks to the push from Matt & Ember), we belong to a CSA and get weekly veggie deliveries, we almost always have milk in the fridge that is NOT expired and I bake things almost once a week. We also have a garden this summer growing beans, melons and pumpkins.

We all know that I am not a cook, nor do I claim to be. With Bennett I do my very best to prepare good things for him to eat. Hopefully the cooking thing will come soon enough. I can tell you that I may not be the best cook, but Bennett will never have to beg to go out to dinner for a meal - we love eating out and sometimes I pull the "I can't cook" card just so we go out to dinner, rather then eating in. What can I say, I love going out to dinner.

Hopefully Bennett gets Trav's math and cooking skills - we all know that I struggle in both areas :)

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