Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve

What a day! Filled with lots of fun, all too much sugar and so many great memories! The morning started off with a trip to Oakland Jr. High for the helicopter drop of Easter eggs. The registration was at 10:00 so I thought if we arrived close to that, we would be fine. The actual hunt portion was not until 11:15. Boy, was I wrong. We pulled in at 10:05 to cars lining Manning Avenue for MILES. ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROAD. So, after the initial shock we drove around scoping things out. The line went on for over a mile near the school to register. Travis and I quickly came to the conclusion that Bennett would not be participating. We then made our way back and rolled down the window to ask if they would let us in the parking lot. We really just wanted to watch and they were happy to let us in. We pulled up to an open parking spot and sat back to wait. As the time got closer, we realized that this may not be the best place to see the chopper. So, I decided to scope things out. Upon walking down to the field one of the volunteers was talking to another and mentioned that they still had some openings - they had already sent home over 1500 kids. I ran back, told Trav to grab B and we all raced to the registration table. Walked right up B got one of the last bags and we waited about 15 minutes for this to arrive!
And Bennett's reaction was so worth the whole ordeal!
Then it was off to the Hudson Booster egg hunt. The same one that I went to every year when I was little. Bennett was way more interested in the playground then he was in looking for the candy.
Then after a nap, some dinner and watching planes land at the airport it was home to plant some jellybeans. Hopefully they will sprout into lollipops by tomorrow!
And then to end the night we headed inside to dye our eggs. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Happy Easter! We are looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow - Church, family lunch & dinner, egg hunt and so much excitement!

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