Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another day at the farm!

Bennett is in love with the farm. He loves everything about it. The animals, the chores, the hay loft, Jenny, Megan, his friends. EVERYTHING! But his newest love at the farm is being able to use scissors. He sat for 25 minutes cutting paper during his free time. Some pictures from our day...

Feeding Pepper the "big goat"
Pepper trying to grab the bucket from Bennett - he is pretty impatient and those poor animals just wait and wait for the kids during feeding time.
Bennett hugging the lambs on the farm. They are 5 weeks old!
Taking his pail back to the barn after feeding Pepper.
Getting ready to haul the hay over to the chicken coop.
Heading out on a hike to the big pond.
Coming back from the hike over the hill back to the farm.
Inside for some free time. Bennett is loving using the glue sticks and scissors.
So determined as he is cutting the magazine pages.

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