Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I can not believe that you are 12 years old. I think about how much has changed in 12 years. You were born in 1999. I remember coming to Atlanta in March for spring break and bringing a SUITCASE full of cloths for you and you had not even arrived. Then in early May after finals I made the flight to Atlanta to meet you and we spent two weeks together! Then when each of your sisters came into the world we were back together again for special celebrations. As the years passed you started to visit us, made a beautiful flower girl in our wedding and are such a loving cousin to Bennett!

I can not even begin to count all of the visits that I have made, all of the special memories that we have. Though we may not see each other as much now, I know that Bennett is going to look up to you, Allison and Isabella and all that you do! I am so proud to be your godmother!

I love you, Shelley Maria! Happy 12th Birthday!

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